Christmas Cfnm USA

Hey, Merry Christmas to you and your families! And here’s a special Christmas Cfnm scene for that case, from Cfnm USA this time. Two horny elves find Santa sleeping in the corner after a busy night of delivering gifts and his bag with some toys left. Curious elves start to dig inside his bag which awakes him up to his own Christmas Present. Read full story below:


“Santa is bushed after a long night of delivering presents. Two hot and horny elves find him snoozing in the corner surrounded by his presents. Curious, they start peeking to see what Santa got himself for Christmas this year. To the girls surprise and delight he has a wide assortment of sex toys. Hearing their giggles Santa awakes with a raging boner and the elves give him his first Christmas gift. Santa strips off his pants and the girls help him use one of his new toys. To everyone’s delight Santa sprays his holiday cheer high into the air yelling “Ho Ho Ho!”

Hurry up and get free previews of ‘Christmas Gift’ episode at Cfnm USA front page. If you find this post in the archive - watch christmas cfnm video at Cfnm USA (link is in your today’s portion of links) -

Cfnm USA @ Send You Santa Getting Handjob On Christmas Night

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    [...] Third post as we collect cfnm gifts from all over the net… The first was from Party Hardcore (post here), second one from Cfnm USA (post here) and now Brandi Belle sends you holiday wishes. Or better say her friend sends his on her face, see today’s episode ‘Facial’. Nothing extreme happens there, Brandi gets on her knees and a naked guy strokes his cock until shoot a load of Christmas cream on Brandi’s cute face. Note from Brandi: [...]

  2. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Shannon’s Handjobs Says:

    [...] While surfing the net on Christmas evening found this site - Shannon’s Handjobs at another Cfnm Blog which took my attention. Umm… for several days now. Shannon is a young nice looking blonde who likes to jerk off cocks like nothing in her life. A Cock! as in all the scenes I’ve seen Shannon is giving handjob to the same guy, Matt, her boyfriend I suppose. The girl usually appears fully clothed which makes it for your fantasies to associate her with whoever you want. Sometimes Shannon puts on ‘fetish uniform‘ - cop, nurse, maid, others. And places where she strokes Matt’s dick range from the floor in the bathroom, to gym room and seems they used every corner of their house too Shannon’s Handjob will be a nice addition to Rob And Jill site, but now participants are tad younger and it doesn’t feel so painful like when you watch Jill squeezes Rob’s balls, hehe. And definitely another cfnm site worth to spend some time at. [...]

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    [...] Pure Cfnm come late with their Christmas episode, but just in time for that part of the world where New Year is most desired holiday and celebrated by the whole country. Karlie traditionally goes to see Santa and this time she puts on a short skirt. In few moments, after grown up Karlie sits on Santa’s knees and starts to make a wish, Santa’s mood arises gradually. Karlie feels something hard touches her and curious to check it… The story: [...]

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