Dogging Uncovered

Just came across this site - Dogging Uncovered. That’s a blast! I doubt you’ve seen anything crazy like that before. Well, from the beginning. Dogging was originated from the UK, UK is famous for different wild stuff, here - one girl and a group of horny site members waiting to be jerked off. The action takes place somewhere in the car park, or forest, or on the ranch and usually at night. All the participants appear fully clothed, men with their cocks pulled out, girls sometimes show off their goodies and real wild ones even let one or two guys to fuck their pussies after they sucked the whole team. All episodes are available in pictures or videos to download. The action is real, no bullshitting here - if you are in the UK you can register for the upcoming doggers event. On the tour page they post fresh updates so you can see what happened this month. I really liked the site and I’m sure you will either - Dogging Uncovered.

I’m attaching two Dogging Uncovered galleries in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Picture Gallery 1
Real amateur slut sucking and wanking three guys at once
(Pictures taken from Dogging Uncovered members area)

CFNM Picture Gallery 2
Horny real guys getting jerked off by sexy amateur asian outdoors
(Pictures taken from Dogging Uncovered members area)

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11 Responses to “Dogging Uncovered”

  1. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Dogging Sluts Says:

    [...] Many more dogging sluts were added to Dogging Uncovered site, since I told you about it several months ago(review is here). Well, actually update takes place three times a month, new episode with new doggers gang bang another amateur chick put up on the tour either - you can bookmark Dogging Uncovered front page and check back later for more updates… But even now Dogging Uncovered members area worth joining it with all that uk local crazy women sucking and fucking in car parks and the wood like dirty sluts, if it’s your thing of course [...]

  2. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » UK Dogging Says:

    [...] February update appeared this night at Dogging Uncovered. Tiny asian slut getting messy facials from eleven cocks in public place… Have I told you that members of Dogging Uncovered site can participate in the event? And not only guys, we got a first lady dogger willing to be part of that too. Check out 3rd january update with Miss Biker. She’s a real-life uk teenager who were eager to experience all the smut of taking several cocks at once and being plastered in cum like true dirty slut after. Needless to say, she’s got plenty of that, see Dogging Uncovered. [...]

  3. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Dogging Wives CFNM Says:

    [...] Dogging Uncovered finishes spring season with four outrageous May updates, each with hot dogging wife sucking a team of cocks outdoor. Tina Marie looks like a pornstar and behave like slut, young babe Frankie doing guys with professionalism of a true whore, celebrating her pre-wedding ceremony under cum shower from several dicks Missy and busty Marie taking four horny doggers at once. [...]

  4. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Dogging Uncovered UK Says:

    [...] Hot summer in the UK starts with Dogging Uncovered invasion into local public forests for some picnics and few updates to follow it. First ‘Go Wild in the Country’ with camera man finds a couple fucking in the forest and gets a great blowjob from strange girl, second ‘Dogging with the Kebab Man’ with whore recognises a guy from local shop in one of the Doggers and third to cool down your summer passion - winter scenario with biker babe, genuine member of the site, ‘Back for Another Session’. [...]

  5. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Sex Parties Says:

    [...] Cfnm was originated from the UK, no wonder - UK is famous for producing all kind of dirty stuff. There’s one company operated in UK products of which I introduced you long before : Cheaters Uncovered, Dogging Uncovered (read about first here and second here). Now they bring us something non-less crazy - Sex Parties. Genuine UK swinger parties with local pornstars where everything happen from cfnm facials to gangbang orgies… [...]

  6. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Dogging Uncovered Free Says:

    [...] Company that runs Dogging Uncovered and Cheaters Uncovered working on renewals of their cfnm sites. Their plans is to change outside structure of both sites you browse when you are not yet a registered member. Cheaters Uncovered is still to be facelifted (you will read about it here at Cfnm Blog first), but you aready can see renewed Dogging Uncovered. Basically right now entire members area appears to be exposed to your eyes. You can surf through the full collection of whooping 67 Dogging Uncovered episodes up to date and preview each scene for free. [...]

  7. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Dogging Outdoors Says:

    [...] Previews of new scenes have been added recently at Dogging Uncovered front page. Well, they’re added constantly now after restructuring of the site (read about it here). Four last ones ‘Claudia - Greasing The Pole’, ‘Petra - A Bareback Session’, ‘Nichole - The Busty Dogging Teen’ and ‘Tiffany - The Dogging Sloane Ranger’ all takes place outdoors in best Dogging traditions. One thing changes - the weather and in England it gets pretty cold this time of the year. Blowing steam from their mouths amateur wives and girlfriends work strangers cocks outside in the forest as usual in cfnm movies, being warmed with hot creamy loads after. [...]

  8. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Dogging Uncovered Cfnm Says:

    [...] Do you know what is Dogging? If not, read my first post about it here. News since I last mentioned Dogging Uncovered at Cfnm Blog - they’ve added a Dogging Hotline for uk citizens. By calling the number you will find out where all the Dogging going on. You can either come and watch Dogging Cfnm show for real or even take part in it, no bullshit. And a dozen of fresh cfnm dogging episodes has been added too. [...]

  9. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Outdoor Cfnm Dogging Says:

    [...] For third year Dogging Uncovered remains the only Outdoor Cfnm site, which is also regularly updated. It’s not difficult after all. UK people often go on dogging missions, just grab a camera with you and new dogging video is ready. Read my post here about dogging if it’s new to you. And here’s some of the latest added episodes to Dogging Uncovered: ‘Cherry Dogging Tricks and Treats’ with busty blonde blowing cocks at dark night, ‘A Stormy Night for Dogging’ of milf being warmed with cum-facials, ‘Sammi The Euro Dogging Queen’ where chick getting off sucking strangers outdoors and others… [...]

  10. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » The English Mansion Says:

    [...] See what I found - The English Mansion. Not genuinely Cfnm site, but genuine from the UK. And from the United Kingdom we know several of cfnm sites already: Dogging Uncovered, Pure Cfnm, 4Cfnm, Extreme Cfnm just the ones I recently mentioned at Cfnm Blog. The English Mansion contains five room sectors where action takes place: Dungeon, Barracks, Clinic, Boudoir and Office. In that different settings guys get stripped, humiliated and dominated by one or several clothed women at once… [...]

  11. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Dogging Cfnm Says:

    [...] Brand new cfnm site from producers of Cfnm Fever - Dogging Cfnm. First thing you notices it’s not actually Dogging (I told you about true dogging thing before and you can read the post here), see real at Dogging Uncovered. But thanks it’s still about Cfnm, Outdoor Cfnm in public places to be more precise. I shown you a couple outdoor scenes from Pure Cfnm site already - dig its category to see if the sensation of being naked for clothed chicks and risking to get caught by people around at the same time is for you. And actual previews from Dogging Cfnm I will try to get you in the next few days… [...]

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