Pure Cfnm Art Class

One of the male students get aroused from the sight of nude female model the class is get to draw at Pure Cfnm this time. So instead of doing work, he starts playing with himself which doesn’t take long for art teacher to notice what he is up to…


“Danica’s art class is drawing a life model this week, but as the gorgeous model takes off her robe and reveals her stunning naked body, one of the students gets a bit excited. Dale is the only male in the class and the naked girl in front of him gets him quite aroused. As Danica walks round the class looking at the girls work, Dale takes his cock out and starts playing with it, hiding it from view with his sketch pad. Unfortunately Danica comes…”

Cfnm Video
Cfnm Class
Art class teacher and female classmates jerk off naughty student
(Video taken from Pure Cfnm members area)

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