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New Friday scenario from Pure Cfnm - ‘Is It True About Bodybuilders?’. Friend Jess comes to dressing room to oil her friend Daniel’s muscles before competition and naughty desire light up in her mind, to check if it’s true that bodybuilders have small penises. To her surprise and to the surprise of contest organizer Pascha who walks in a moment later it is Not True… The entire story:


“Daniel is in the warm up room getting ready for the bodybuilding contest when Jess comes in to take his muscle measurements and oil him up. As she works she can’t take her eyes off his tiny posing pouch and wonders if it is true that bodybuilders have small willys. Without asking, she quickly pulls his thong down so she can see for herself. He is annoyed but she tells him that another bodybuilding folklore is that if he ejaculates before going on stage his body will look more defined. He isn’t convinced but when she starts stroking his cock and then puts it in her mouth and gives him a blowjob, he doesn’t complain. Just then, competition organiser Pascha walks in. She is shocked but likes what she sees and decides to have a play as well. With both the girls stroking his cock its not long before Daniel cums!”

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Two curious girls suck and measure bodybuilder before contest
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