Pure Cfnm Dinner Party

Robbers break into the house where two Pure Cfnm couples are having dinner. They take their money and valuables and to make sure they will not be reported they force wives to strip to underwear and work cock of each others husband. The whole action gets filmed…


“Two posh couples are having a dinner party when robbers Francesca and Mia burst in and demand their jewellery and wallets. They hold them at gun point while they empty their pockets and take off their valuables and then force them to strip! The men are stripped naked and the girls down to their underwear and then they are forced to swap partners! Theo is forced to stroke Dan’s cock while her boyfriend’s penis is examined and played with by…”

Cfnm Video
Cfnm Party
Women are forced to jerk each others husband by robbers
(Video taken from Pure Cfnm members area)

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