Pure Cfnm Gym Poser

New girls to Pure Cfnm are being shown around the gym where they see a guy on the bench whom they spot shamelessly checking out their butts. They also notice him getting hard from doing it which gets them all quite excited and they decide to get to know him better…


“Cate is showing two new girls round her gym and when beefy powerlifter Peter lies on the benchpress he gets a great view of Cate’s ass. He starts rubbing the front of his shorts - just as the girls catch him! They are furious and pull his shorts down and laugh and poke at his cock, which is quite hard. They take turns to stroke it and as the girls wank his cock, he soon gets too excited…”

Cfnm Video
Cfnm Poser
Bodybuilder molested by girls from fitness class
(Video taken from Pure Cfnm members area)

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