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A member of Sensations For Women forum asks question which became historical now - “Is Party Hardcore real?”. Yes, I reply to him, everybody knows it. Then I go to Party Hardcore site to get him a quote where they explain how Party Hardcore is created and notice little change since I told you Party Hardcore Truth. In old version it was said that 3-5 paid models get invited every time to the show to heat up the atmosphere, so ordinary girls would get involved into the action and I could saw well-known eurobabes at their cfnm parties. But not anymore, this part about paid girls is cropped from the explanation as well as you won’t see fake girls at Party Hardcore shows since middle of 2006. Which makes it more realistic and even more attractive. As over 5 years Party Hardcore remains the most popular site of its kind (other sites feature cfnm parties are Extreme Cfnm and 4CFNM).

Link to previews from Party Hardcore latest shows attached in your today’s portion of links -

Genuine amateur girls in hardcore partying with strippers
(Movies taken from Party Hardcore members area)

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2 Responses to “Real Party Hardcore”

  1. Original CFNM Blog » Blog Archive » Uncensored Party Hardcore Says:

    [...] Recently found a confirmation to my theory about Party Hardcore site. While Party Hardcore is primary targeted toward Cfnm audience, there’s a lot of hardcore action going on between horny chicks - participants and male strippers. If you’re attentive enough you might notice strippers put on condoms before having sexual contact with any of the girls from the audience. It was not always like that, in earlier version of Party Hardcore with paid models involved you won’t see condoms used that often as strippers were basically fucking tested girls, but not anymore. Which proves again Party Hardcore Is Real and it’s all genuine amateur babes that makes footage so exciting to watch… [...]

  2. jim bob Says:

    not true! a friend of mine was at one of the parties recently and spoke to one of the models. some of the girls are paid models. this is easy to see by their actions on camera. all the girls are given some money to attend.

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