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Cfnm In Public
Charlotte is having a romantic dinner with her boyfriend when she confides in him that she has always fantasised about playing with his cock in a public place. She sees that two women are having dinner behind them and tells him she really wants to carry out her fantasy then and there! Before he can object she has got under the table and undone his trousers and started playing with his cock. He starts to get excited and has his head back in ecstasy so doesn't see the waitress approach and cry out in shock. Charlotte apologizes but sees that the waitress seems to like her boyfriend's cock. She invites her to have a feel and she bends down and grabs hold. All the commotion has alerted the other two female diners to what is going on and they gather round to watch. With his girlfriend and the gorgeous waitress taking turns to wank his cock and two strangers watching across the table, it's not long before he shoots a big load all over his stomach prompting cheers from the girls and onlookers. View story entire video inside Pure Cfnm

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