Party Hardcore

Posted in Cfnm, Party Hardcore on November 15th, 2014

I mentioned Party Hardcore in my previous post about Drunk Sex Orgy. Next day after the post new update also appeared there. Changes at Party Hardcore - have you noticed guys perform in their own strip club since awhile : you can see Party Hardcore logos all over the place. Before they jumped from club to club and now settled at once. To me it means great success for the site and its grown popularity among local chicks lustful for more and more bulge cfnm stripper cocks. And more amazing cfnm scenes for us, of course :) Here’s pictures of the first show taken place in new club -

Link attached in your today’s portion of links, full series access at Party Hardcore.

CFNM Picture Gallery
Hot stripper gets the chicks from the audience to play with his dick
(Pictures taken from Party Hardcore members area)

Drunk Sex Orgy Porn

Posted in Cfnm, Drunk Sex Orgy on November 7th, 2014

Yesterday has been added a preview of the latest Drunk Sex Orgy party held in July (next show after Drunk Sex Orgy DVD presentation). No definite theme for the gathering this time, but do crowds of these horny teens ever need a reason to get to another monthly organized mega fuck-fest with liters of free booze and couple dozens of hard cocks around. When Drunk Sex Orgy tickets sold out, rest of the chicks go to Party Hardcore club and make their own porn orgies with local male strippers, but that’s another story. New Drunk Sex Orgy event follows-up:


“It’s yet another bubbly-filled fuck fest Drunk Sex Orgy-style. Things get completely out of control when this group of sexy dancing ladies gets super hungry for cock. Check it out as these chicks get reamed 7 ways to Sunday in every way imaginable. This is the start of a fabulous, original DSO you’re not going to want to miss!”

Free clips of the update available at Drunk Sex Orgy front page right now so as previews of all other recently added shows. I also made static pages with samples for you and those who will find this post in the archive later. The link added in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Free Site
Several party girls suck cocks at local drunk fuck fest
(Pictures taken from Drunk Sex Orgy members area)

Outdoor CFNM Exposed

Posted in Cfnm, Cfnm Exposed on October 29th, 2014

Add this up to previous CFNM Exposed Birthday post - the First scene from CFNM Exposed as well as very first fantasy cfnm staging in history (before cfnm has been associated with bachelorette parties - Extreme Cfnm and again girls only nights with some participants involved in hardcore action - Party Hardcore) was this Cfnm Outdoor episode. Naughty girl jerk off her boyfriend who fell asleep on couch by the pool while two of her friends watch and giggle.

Find link in your today’s portion of links to site with couple cfnm picture galleries from this scenario, and as usual full videos of all cfnm stories I mention and share with you on Cfnm Blog you can always get inside official sites - this time at Cfnm Exposed.

CFNM Free Site
Girls find a nude man outdoors in the backyard and give him a handjob
(Pictures taken from CFNM Exposed members area)

CFNM Exposed Birthday

Posted in Cfnm, Cfnm Exposed on October 21st, 2014

Almost a year behind now since CFNM Exposed has been launched (see first post here made last September). Lots of things changed on Cfnm arena, it definitely became more popular for this past year then for two- three- years before in total. CFNM Exposed team survived some casualties during new year period and returned back with another great site CFNM Idol (absolutely different site, read here). But first impression CFNM Exposed brought with itself and how it completely turned the world remains. Hey, it inspired me to start Cfnm Blog two weeks later after all. Want some retro? No, we won’t go that far as Brandi Belle with her back-to-’70 ‘T.P. Sex Report’ episode, just return to that moment. I’ve got a collection of very first CFNM Exposed scenarios I haven’t shared with you before. Those of you who are registered with CFNM Exposed probably seen them already, but if not - here’s my favorite one…

The story was called ‘Birthday Party’, little summary of that: A girl having a birthday, she turns 18 or 21 - what ever is legal at your place to grab cocks :) In the middle of the party rings the bell. One of her friends gets up and goes to open the door, she back with a present - a guy in tight stripper uniform. Find link to site with couple galleries of this scene in your today’s portion of links, and try to dig up full story inside CFNM Exposed members area -

CFNM Free Site
Birthday girl wanks off a nude stripper on party
(Pictures taken from CFNM Exposed members area)

Brandi Belle Sex

Posted in Brandi Belle, Cfnm on October 13th, 2014

New cfnm scenario from Brandi Belle - ‘T.P. Sex Report’. Well, not entirely Cfnm as no one actually gets naked here, but definitely something many of you fantasized about for long, I did :) Brandi gets a position of secretary for boss of some private owned company. See one day from Brandi’s life at her new job in this scene. Watch boss instructing his employee in the beginnig, does full inspection of secretary and Brandi knees down under her boss’ table to demonstrate experience in performing her professional duties in the final. Few words from Brandi Belle:


“I thought id give you guys something a little different this time in a manner of presentation. Me and my cameraman are starting to get a little more comftorable with our innovation (atleast i like to think so…heck ill be happy if you guys even buy that i know what im talking about hehe.) SO anyway we though wed get a little retro and create an omahage to the “good ol days of porn” as my camera man likes to call them .Hes always ranting about 70’s boobs and he has this theory that the popularity of the birth control pill is the death if these so called 70’s boobs something about changing the configuration of womens hormons forever?? i dunno anyway this is one heck of a “far out” shoot you guys all know the classic 70’s scretary porno fanatsy films well here is our version…enjoy boys and keep on truckin!!!”

I include a link to cfnm gallery with sample pictures from ‘T.P. Sex Report’ episode in your today’s portion of links, access full video of this story and all others at Brandi Belle personal site -

CFNM Picture Gallery
Secretary Brandi pleases her boss a middle-age man in the office
(Pictures taken from Brandi Belle members area)

Cfnm Sex

Posted in Cfnm on October 4th, 2014

Hurrying to report you about changes just been made to my biggest cfnm links-, pictures- and videos- portal Cfnm Party Sex (first post about it located here). Now we have literally connected it both together with Cfnm Blog. How is that? Cfnm Party Sex from this moment will be broadcasting latest posts, previews with titles and brief descriptions, straight from Cfnm Blog in real time. So if you are a regular visitor to Cfnm Party Sex you will now be informed of each update posted on this blog.

Check window on top of the index page of Cfnm Party Sex, find link in your today’s portion of links -

All you need to know and see about the niche at Cfnm Party Sex
(Blog posts taken from Cfnm Blog official site)

Free Cfnm

Posted in Cfnm on September 26th, 2014

A month passed since my Free Cfnm Top has been launched in connection with my other resources this Cfnm Blog and Cfnm Party Sex and we have definite favorites already. Open Free Cfnm Top right now and I will tell you about top cfnm sites listed there. Skip All Free Cfnm, it’s a friendly toplist which was added so his visitors be able to access to my list and you can see what he’s got also. Same for The Cfnm and Cfnm Guide. All Things Cfnm is a nicely done blog run by true cfnm connoisseur and another friend of mine, he can get you cfnm pics you’ll never find anywhere else. Then goes Cfnm Sites, my own page where I list all cfnm pay sites preview galleries I can get (read about it here). Free Cfnm Forum you can see after, first active clothed females naked males fetish forum overthere. Drunken Dog’s page about cheating wives ranks itself behind and my regular periodical Helen’s Cfnm Blog follows with just a few votes difference.

Link to full list of all these free cfnm sites and the rest is in your today’s portion of links -

CFNM Sites
Ranked list of different cfnm sites from Free Cfnm Top
(Links taken from all over the place :))

Fully Clothed Sex Video

Posted in Cfnm, Fully Clothed Sex on September 18th, 2014

Have you registered with Fully Clothed Sex yet or thought of? Found the video that will convince your choice to join this truly one of a kind cfnm sex site. For those new who missed my posts about Fully Clothed Sex, read about it here. And here’s that cfnm video : what make it stands among others - watch great surrounding, sexy consumes on both girls and amazing light settings, first sample clip is the beginning of the actual video and few more.

Link to Fully Clothed Sex video sample clips I’m talking about is in your today’s portion of links.

CFNM Video Gallery
Two couples in elegant clothing have group sex in beautiful room
(Videos taken from Fully Clothed Sex members area)

Drunk Sex Orgy DVDs

Posted in Cfnm, Drunk Sex Orgy on September 9th, 2014

New Drunk Sex Orgy July party was actually a presentation of DVD that eventually turned up into group cock sucking and pussy fucking orgy in its best traditions in the end. Who might have thought it would be another way :) Two words about DVD, Eromaxx actually sells DVDs from their own shop for awhile - you can look around at any of their sites (Drunk Sex Orgy, Party Hardcore, Fully Clothed Sex, Cum Squad, My Fetish) for DVD button and it will take you to the shop. But they haven’t released it officially, so I can’t provide you with a straight link yet - stay tuned and promise CFNM Blog readers will know first about it. To the party, here’s description from the first update:


“This CD release party featuring some of Europe’s best known and notorious girls. It kicks off in a totally unexpected direction when someone dares a few babes to join a massive blowjob train! The 50 babes here are getting off hard to the throbbing bass, and seeing all that big, thick cock being offered up for grabs is getting a few of them red in the face and wet in the panties! This is one amazing, massive party, produced by the kings of party sex, Drunk Sex Orgy, so jump in now if you already have a password, or join now to get one instantly sent to you.”

I have free site with sample cfnm galleries with this blowjob scene, find the link in your today’s portion of links and watch entire party at Drunk Sex Orgy -

CFNM Free Site
Several drunk chicks sucking off a group of guys on stage
(Pictures taken from Drunk Sex Orgy members area)

Pure CFNM Handjob

Posted in Cfnm, Pure Cfnm on September 1st, 2014

Just before I went to sleep yesterday got a reminder from Charlie about next new scene added to magnificent Pure CFNM collection - ‘The Biker’s Bulge’. Two girls Emma and Jane meet up a guy on sportsbike on their way through the forest, not long time pass when Jane passionate for guys on bikes asks for a ride. She gets it, and rider gets a great handjob from both hot chicks. Read full story bellow..:


“Jane loves motorbikes and as Dan pulls up on his Honda she starts to drool before asking him if he will take her for a ride. Emma is unimpressed and stays behind but when the two return, she sees that Jane’s hands have dropped from holding on round the waist to actually grabbing his groin! As she gets off the bike, Jane calls Emma over and tells her she accidentally grabbed lower down as they were riding along but was amazed at how big his bulge was. Emma has a feel for herself but thinks it must be the denim and the two girls force him to take his trousers off to prove it’s not. As they fondle and grope him through his underwear the biker gets quite aroused and its not long before the underwear comes off too. As his cock comes into sight the girls lick their lips and take turns to grab hold and see how big they can make it. As they take it in turns to pump his cock it’s not long before he cums all over their hands!”

Link to samples gallery of ‘The Biker’s Bulge’ episode is in your today’s portion of links, full video of this story and all others watch at Pure CFNM -

CFNM Picture Gallery
Two blondes giving a handjob to stranger outdoors
(Pictures taken from Pure CFNM members area)

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